The TOP Restaurants, Bars & Cafes in Nha Trang, Vietnam


Skylight, Nha Trang 

Skylight is one of those places you could spend an entire afternoon and evening. The highlight is the 360 degree Skydeck, the first such attraction in Nha Trang, where guests can admire the coastline and city and even mountain region!

Skylight also houses a beautiful modern restaurant serving European and American dishes with the same stunning views. Located on the rooftop is a bar, lounge and club area, where live music and events are held. 

There are a few other rooftop bars which offer a similar view located on the coastline in Nha Trang, however Skylight has the most to offer and I’d recommend a visit for the views and the food!

Explore Skylight Nha Trang.

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